Latinos in Greater Cincinnati

For more detailed demographics, refer to OCHLA:

Quick Facts about Hispanics in Ohio1
  • 265,762 people- 2.3 % of Ohio's population
  • 22.4 percent increase in population since 2000
  • 69,000 were born outside the U.S.
  • 45,000 enrolled in public schools
  • 7,100+ Hispanic-owned businesses with $1.3 billion in receipts

Hispanics in Greater Cincinnati2
  • Estimated 60,000 Hispanic immigrants
  • "most...have come here in the last 10 years and many in the last 5 years" 
  • Estimated 80-90% "of new immigrants are undocumented"
  • Roughly 40% Mexican, 16% Guatemalan
  • More than 70% Catholic
Why do they come?3
    "Most immigrants in Ohio come for economic reasons....In Mexico, half of the people live in poverty and 20 percent in conditions of severe poverty and hunger. The statistics are similar for Guatemala..."
   " The wage differential between Mexico and the United States has for the last 30 years been about 10:1, that is, for every dollar one can make in Mexico, one can make ten dollars here in comparable usually unskilled labor.... Mexico's minimum wage is about $4.50 per day (varying from region to region), while the average daily wage is about $7.00 per day. Central American wages are even lower than those in Mexico. The lack of jobs and the much higher wages in the United States are the driving force behind most migration."

Data from Ohio Hispanic Americans, a 2006 study by the Ohio Department of Development. 
2,3 Data and quotes from The Emerging Latino Immigrant Community of Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Dan La Botz, September 2007.